In 2001, I had my first opportunity to step up on a stage and for a brief moment, create for the audience a life-changing experience that seemed super-natural and help them see with their own eyes something unbelievably close to real magic... or at least, that's what I thought I did. Looking back at old recorded VHS tapes of myself always brings a laugh, but for whatever reason I kept with it and continued to practice and study hours upon hours this art of Illusion.
It has been such an amazing ride and one of which I do not deserve but I am extremely grateful for. The past few years I have had wonderful opportunities to perform all across America from coast to coast and I've even been blessed to perform Internationally on few occasions, plus I've gotten to meet thousands of people throughout the world, many of whom I am able to call friends. 
Although I am thankful for the opportunities to perform in so many beautiful places and I love the art of illusion and Magic, the reason I do what I do is because late in high school I encountered Jesus Christ for the first time and it would forever shift the course of my life. So if we have the opportunity to hang out and be friends in future, know that the reason that I step on stages and the reason I perform is to earn my right to be heard so that for a moment I can share with you what, or rather who, has truly changed all that I am.